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In these days of confinement I have more time to spend on things such as eating, but let’s talk about one of the things that I have been developing the most; my Caricatures on paper.

Due to constantly being on the road, traveling around the world, it was difficult for me to carry and draw on paper, so I chose to draw on my iPad. Now that I’m spending much more time at home (not too much longer, I hope) I can go back to paper.

So I have arranged to draw cartoons in pencil and upload the originals here in case anyone wants to take pity on one and give them a home, leaving the battered binder lodge where they are right now. Let’s give these poor homeless souls a home!

They are made with all the love and respect in the world and that is why I have accommodated each stroke of my pencil on a high quality cotton paper from far away Japan, a 21x27cm smooth cream-colored Midiori MD Cotton paper.


Juan Luis Rubiales

Me encanta el Ilusionismo como vehiculo de la transmisión de la emociones, soy aficionado a las caricaturas y el dibujo. Aparte me gusta conocer mundo, debido a mi trabajo he conocido EEUU, Inglaterra, Italia y muchos recovecos de España.

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