Hollywood, Los Angeles…Day 2

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Today has been a very good day here, in Los Angeles, I have slept a lot…I needed it after the long trip and after that I went with my friend from Jerez, Jose, and with my lovely Woody and the extraordinary Helder to eat something around, here you have a picture from they after the meal.

Later, we went to drink a coffee and it’s good to see how is possible to drink a real and good expresso here in the States. We were talking about our FISM routines and Helder helped us to fix a few questions about. Thanks my friend!

Once finished the coffee break we went to our apartments and while Woody and Jose taking a nap I was drawing this caricature from Dereck DelGaudio:
imageAnd came the time to go to the Magic Castle again, the three shows were fantastic, here we have and incredible and extraordinary audience, they are people whom looking forward magic and also the atmosphere in the Castle helps too. Once finished the shows we were to supper with Fabio, a good friend from Woody, and now for me too! Tomorrow the four of us will go to Los Angeles Downtown to do tourism and more magic…see you tomorrow!